• Path in the forest: Paths of different length in the forest.

  • Guided tours in the island 

  • Observation tower, On the west shore of the island, between the cannon artilleries locates an observation tower; there is fabulous view over the archipelago up to the Isokari lighthouse and Aland. 

  • Virtual picture from the tower

  • Artillery road, Cobblestone road builded by the Russian war prisoners, starting from the harbour and leading to the cannon artilleries.

  • Barrack area, Tsarist buildings. Sea fortress, which was the north most part of the chain of sea fortresses founded by Peter the Great 1915-1916. Unique barrack area with residential and other buildings established during the Russian regime.

    Virtual picture from the buildings

  • Beaches and beautiful sheltered small bays are found around the island.

  • Kayak and rowboat can be hired. 

  • The quarry, Prisoners working area in 1930s. Extracted paved stone have been used around the Europe.


Tiilirakenteinen varasto
  • Art gallery, Alternating exhibition every summer.