We offer B&B accommodation in the barrack. We have unpretentious rooms for bigger and smaller groups, fare is 55 €/person. You can bring your own sleeping bag or sheets, or you can hire bed sheets from us. In the barrack there is joint kitchen and wooden outhouse. Morning shower can be taken 7-10am in the sauna building in the harbour.

Fare includes the breakfast in the harbour cafeteria. Sauna and other meals can be ordered.

More pictures about the rooms can be found from facebook/katanpää.


Kutula, room for 2 persons with double bed.

  Pusula,room for 4 persons with bunk beds.
  Petilä, room for 4 persons with bunk beds.
  Rauhala room for 9 persons with bunk beds..
   Äijälä room for 16 persons with bunk beds.
   Muijala room for 16 persons with bunk beds.

Joint kitchen, Room for all overnighters in the barrack. In the room there are microwave oven, radio, refrigerator and coffee machine.